Welcome to our BDFM Blog!

This is my first time blogging,  so here goes.  A few years ago my now late husband., Ed and I moved from the north side of Bayfield where we raised our family in our home of 28 years up on the hillside near the water towers.  A little over two years ago, we moved to a house we had owned since 1979 but had used as a rental until we renovated it and called it our home again.  I decided to get involved with something new and because my husband had been a Town of Bayfield trustee for over 20 years ( off and on), I developed a sense of where we have been and what we need to accomplish in this town of ours and fresh, local food started to become my passion. 

So it is with the Bayfield Downtown Farmers Market that my dream will come true.  We will start with a vibrant farmers market on Mill Street and from there, one day, we will have a local store that sells local products and will allow our community to become more self-sufficient and less dependent on our neighboring towns to supply us with the food we deserve.