You are where you live!


If you are where you live, then make your living worthwhile while eating and shopping in your local community.  Bayfield has needed a local effort to promote our growers and makers since the early 1900's when that was what people did to survive.  Grow and produce and share and profit.   People grew their harvest, ate, shared and sold their produce, including pigs, cows, eggs, goats, honey and so much more.    Fruit trees are abundant in downtown Bayfield and so is good soil as the town sits right next to the Pine River, the source of nourishment that fuels the valley. There was a flour mill that supplied the ingredients to make fresh pies from this haven of fruit.  There was a local grocery store called Shur Value and a combination convenience store and meat locker on Mill Street including the town's small library that was located on the corner of Pearl and Mill Street.  That was when Mill Street thrived as the elementary school was located one street off of Mill and people could be found milling around quite often. 




The Pine River Valley stretches from its source north of Vallecito Resevoir to its release into Navajo Lake in northern New Mexico. This winding valley that travels south is a source of clean water for residents of Bayfield & Ignacio and surrounding areas and can support a rich natural habitat of willows, herbs, water fowl and fish.
The Bayfield Downtown Farmers Market is a grassroots effort to bring the talents of people together in one central location in downtown Bayfield. Everyone is welcomes except no garage sale items- save these for another day. High quality and consistency are two primary goals of the market with a shop locally theme behind each market.

why downtown Bayfield?

At Since the 1980's, Mill Street in downtown Bayfield, Colorado has been in a state of revitalization.  At least two comprehensive reports have been produced in the last 3 decades on revitalizing Mill Street with few promising results. 

A local historian reported once that in October of 1979, the Bayfield Grocery Store closed its doors in the historic brick building located on the corner of Pine and Mill Street.  That was the day Mill Street started to see a decline in its usage as a thorough fare& central gathering place in town as the store was moved to the north side of Highway 160.  That was the day that Mill Street ceased to be the center of economic vitality.  

The BDFM is the result of an assessment that was conducted by Downtown Colorado, Inc. in March of 2015.  Among the many recommendations to vitalize the downtown, was the establishment of a Farmers Market on Mill Street.  Bayfield has needed a local source of fresh, locally produced items since the mid 1950's and this is its chance to become a patron and to eat healthy, local food and other unique items for sale.

The new market will strive to bring agricultural producers, artisans, makers and musicians together in one location to bringmore life to downtown Bayfield, Colorado!   We strive to havevendors that can bring quality to our market to appeal to the diverse population that surrounds this area.   Consistency is another quality we will strive for so that customers can count on certain vendors to be there for them. 

The BDFM is looking for sponsors and donations to help with media costs and marketing including signage and banners to announce the market.   

All donations will be tax deductible and will be used to promote the market. 

Do you like to eat?  How about listen to local music and visit with friends, family and new folks who have similar interests.  Come join us in our effort to join people and food and local products together.